This has happend....

I was born and still live in Varberg when I´m in Sweden. My home is now a flat in Monaco where I live with my boyfiend. At college I learnt the basic academics, but I put most of my time and energy into horsejumping, which I have done since being a little kid. And no, i wasn´t the best in school!

After I tried a “sportsummer-activety” when I was seventeen, I started riding mountainbike. As a first year junior this was really fun! I started really serious the year after and also started on the road.

At this point cycling took all my time and the horse was sold. To be the best (I’m extremely competitive) i got help from the proffs. I did tests and recieved training programs from the trainingscenter MediaSport in Germany, Susanne Ljungskog also does the tests here.
Klas Johansson, who is also Susanne Ljungskogs trainer and partener, became my mentor at that time in Sweden.

Then more is happening…

In 2002 one of my goals became real, to be a proffesional rider! It was in the dutch Team Powerplate Bik.
However, I have always liked Italy very much and wanted to find a team over there. But I realized I had a lot to do as the races are really hard down there. But in 2005 my dreams came true, as I got to ride in Team Bianchi-Aliverti. For 2006 I´m still in Italy, but changing team to Team Safi pasta Zara Manhattan. For 2007 I race with the very proffesionell Team BIGLA. That´s a big opportunity for me and I´m really happy about it!

Peacefully home…

In my sparetime I prefer to sit down with friends at a good café and just chat or relaxe together with my boyfriend. If it´s nice weather I prefer to take a ride on my motorbike, a Ducati Monster 800 ie. Sometimes some old friends call me and we go to a motocross area and go crazy. The last few years I have done the “Goland Grand National”, it´s a really huge enduro race in Sweden and is a small tradition I hope to continue with. The race is in November, so a nice end of the season and also a big kick for the wintertaining which is waiting.

Here I want….

The goal with my sporting is to find my absolute highest level my body can take. Do I have the capability to be one in the front riders of my sport? I hope that. And I know the determance is there!


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