Tonight is the last night here at Mallorca, we have now been here three weeks. Feels a little bit strange to go home after so long time away.
This thuesday I think we had the best day on the bike here. Really nice and warm weather and we got a nice ride of six hours. We did both Soller and Puig Major, the last one is a climb of 14 km!!! Really really nice! It was good to do some other climbs then just Randa and San Salvador, the ones we normally do!!!
Today we got 5 hours with the normal climbs and some work on the flat! Now is the dinner waiting so I have to leave!!! Tomorrow just a short training of 2´30 hours and then directly to the airport!!
Hope you have enjoying my diary and I hope we hear soon again!


Two days ago we had our team presentation here at Mallorca! Afterwards we went out for a ride together with the journalists and our big boss Mr Fritz Bösch!
Now Zulfia Zabirova has arrived, so the group is complete!
Yesterday we got a nice 4 hours ride with a lot of sun! In the morning before we went out we took the photos for the team poster!! It is difficult to get all 14 girls smiling and watching the camera at the same time, but I think it went well!
In the evening before the dinner we all went to the bar for an aperitivo. There they also had a flamenco show! They were really great!! The problem was just that at least me was really hungry ;o)!!
The men are doing the giro of Mallorca right now. We have not seen them, but during the training today we went a little bit on their course. But they have already passed!
We got 4 hours today too. Nice and sunny, but pretty much windy!
Hear you soon…..


Here it has been great weather today, sun and 18 degrees! Finally, comes the sun :o)!! Yesterday we got a nice ride with 170 km. Today 3 hours with powertraining and tomorrow a well earned resting day.
I’ve got rid of my fever some days ago, so now I’m back in the training with the others again! Feels good to be back on the bike!
Two days ago arrived Andrea Wolfer and Sven Montgomery!
Today we have done media coaching! In the morning a group of girls who speak german or swissgerman and in the afternoon we others. It is hard to see yourself in television, but I think it is great. Because this way you see all the misstake you do infront of the camera. We will do this again tomorrow!!


Yesterday Andrea Thürig also arrived, so now we are 13 riders.
The weathergods have not really been with us the two last days. But today the sun was shining again! So today the team got 5 hours and the both climbs Randa and San Salvador. I wasn’t with them, because yesterday I got sick and today I have still fever. So I was in the bed watching biathlon on Eurosport!
On the resting day we were some girls who tried the ”RückenFit” and the ”Stretch&Relax” course. It was really nice, but now I have ”pain” in my stomach muscles.
Catherine and Monica were enjoying the sauna. They said it was really nice because there is a big window with a view out of the sea! But it was really hot and a lot of naked male cyclists..!!!
Hear you soon…


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