Susanne Ljungskog and her husband Klas have been visit me in one week now. Really nice to have them here and for sure I get good training now for the Tour des Flandres. She was second here last year.
Today it was raining the whole day. So after some decision we decide to do the intervals on the trainer, instead of get totally wet in the rain. Good decision I think.
Yesterday I showed Klas the 2008 World Championship course. For you who don’t know, 2008 it will go in Varese.

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Tomorrow is the first race for the season. It’s in Brissago around 60 km from where I live. So I’m still at home.
I’m really looking forward to start the season!
My friend Fredrik will also do the race, for the men it’s a 1.2 race.
Today on the training Fredrik and I met Sabrina (my team mate who also lives here) and her father who is here on visit. We just did a nice ride around the lake, around two hours.
Here is really nice weather over 20 degree in the sun. My mother told me before that at home in Sweden it’s minus ten degree and a lot of snow.
I’m really lucky I leave here!!

Press here to see the photos from today


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